The Campus Ministry is initiated and led by student-athletes and coaches on junior high, high school and college campuses. The types of Campus Ministry include Huddles, Team Bible Studies, Coaches Bible Studies, and Chaplain Programs.

How to start a Huddle…

First things first!

  • Pray for God to prepare your campus
  • Seek your Administration’s blessing.
  • Find a Campus Ministry Sponsor, and ask them to fill out a Ministry Leader Application online.
  • Certify your Campus Ministry online.


  • Download the Student Leader Application
  • Look at the 2 different  Huddle Leadership Team Models
  • Use the Application and the Team Model to develop a leadership team with student-athlete leaders based on FCA’s criteria and responsibilities and have them complete an FCA Student Leader Application (to be turned into your Campus Ministry Sponsor, not FCA Staff)


Know how your Huddle will be structured. The Huddle meeting outline consists of four parts:

  • Welcome: greeting and announcements
  • Warm-Up: Ice-breakers, games, skits, etc.
  • Workout: Bible studies, devotions, testimonials, small groups, DVD’s (spiritual growth component)
  • Wrap-Up: closing comments and closing prayer


  • Secure, day, time, and location for Huddle meetings
  • Develop a ministry plan for semester using the Huddle Ministry Model Form (utilize regional FCA events listed on our calendar to help build your ministry plan)
  • Each week, organize your meeting by using the Huddle Meeting Agenda Form
  • Task assignments based on gifts and talents of student leaders.
  • Plan an initial FCA interest meeting. Invite all student, parents, coaches, and faculty.
    • Show the FCA presentation video
    • Share your desire to have a Christian presence on your campus
    • Share how FCA can make a difference on your campus
    • Challenge everyone to join you


  • Create flyers, posters, announcements, etc. to promote upcoming Huddle meetings and activities.
    Customize already created material for your meetings: click here to browse
  • Distribute promotional material all over campus.
  • Use various media to invite people: text, Facebook, Twitter, FCALife, email, phone, etc.

Products to Get Started

  • PreviewGod’s Game Plan Bible – This Bible includes the Serendipity Student Bible with group and individual study helps, 25,000 potential small group meetings, 90 athletically focused Bible studies, 100 ice-breakers and team builders, a Bible dictionary and other study tools (you will receive 1 with your Campus Certification).
  • Watch – FCA Resource DVD – Packed with multimedia resources including video clips and testimonies from professional, college and high school athletes and coaches (you will receive 1 with your Campus Certification)
  • AccessFCA Resource Site – brings together all of FCA’s resources into one website. Devotions, articles, outreach ideas, icebreakers, podcasts, bible studies, videos and more! Everyone within the ministry can search this large library and submit their own resources.

What is FCA Ministry?

Campus Ministry Types

What is a Huddle?

Huddles are regularly scheduled (weekly or bi-weekly) gatherings for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship, outreach and fellowship using the platform of athletics.

What does a Huddle look like?